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Employers Attending Miles City Job Fair 2016

Employers Attending Miles City Job Fair 2016

Posted: 1/22/2016 3:52 PM

Here is a list of Employers and Service Groups who have confirmed attendance at Miles City Job Fair. This list changes as new registration forms are received and will be updated right up to the day of the fair.  So keep checking back!!

Miles City Job Fair 2016 - Job Seeker Information

Miles City Job Fair 2016 - Job Seeker Information

Posted: 1/22/2016 3:24 PM

Job Seekers are invited to Miles City Job Fair 2016 - Thursday, April 14.  Click below for more information.

Miles City Job Fair 2016 - Employer Information Sheet

Miles City Job Fair 2016 - Employer Information Sheet

Posted: 1/22/2016 3:07 PM

Employer Information Sheet

Miles City Job Fair 2016 - Employer Registration Form

Miles City Job Fair 2016 - Employer Registration Form

Posted: 1/22/2016 3:05 PM

Employer Registration Form

Montana's Minimum Wage will Remain at $8.05 for 2016.

Montana's Minimum Wage will Remain at $8.05 for 2016.

Posted: 10/16/2015 12:46 PM

Montanans earning minimum wage will see the rate remain at $8.05 beginning January 1, 2016. An estimated 5,500 workers, or approximately 1.2 percent of the workforce, receive minimum wage.

"Low inflation means Montanans are able to stretch their paychecks further," said Labor Commissioner, Pam Bucy. “Because the minimum wage is going to stay at the current level, working Montanans will not to worry about bringing less income home.”

In 2014, the industry with the largest number of workers earning minimum wage was the accommodations and food industry followed by the retail trade industry. Cashiers, Combined Food and Preparation Workers, Waiters and Waitresses, and Retail Salespersons are occupations with large numbers of minimum wage workers.

“Minimum wage workers are a valuable and important segment of our workforce,” said Bucy. “Nearly half of all workers earning minimum wage are over the age of 25, and over 60 percent of our state’s minimum wage earners are women.”

MCA 39-3-409 requires the Montana Department of Labor and Industry to adjust the Montana minimum wage for inflation using the CPI-U. The 2015 minimum wage has been calculated by taking the current minimum wage of $8.05 and increasing it by the CPI-U increase from August of 2014 to August 2015. The CPI-U increased by 0.20 percent over the year ending August 2015.

Information relating to Montana’s minimum wage may be downloaded from DLI’s website at

Labor Department Releases New “5 in 1” Employee Rights Poster

Labor Department Releases New “5 in 1” Employee Rights Poster

Posted: 8/13/2015 3:49 PM

HELENA-The Montana Department of Labor & Industry has released a new “5 in 1” employee rights poster with updated information provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) highlighting workplace safety.

Employers must display the poster in a conspicuous place where their employees can see it, however previous versions of the OSHA poster do not need to be replaced.

These new on-the-job safety updates provide information about OSHA inspection of workplaces, how to receive information and training on job hazards, the steps necessary for reporting a work-related injury or illness, and the best practices to raise safety and health concerns with their employer or OSHA.

“For employers, the poster informs them of their legal obligation to provide a safe workplace,” said Labor Commissioner Pam Bucy. “The Montana Department of Labor & Industry takes seriously our commitment to informing employers of their responsibilities to train all workers in a language and vocabulary they can understand, and comply with OSHA standards.”

The updated poster may be obtained at no charge by calling Miles City Job Service at 406-232-8340.

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry exists to promote and protect the well-being of Montana’s workers, employers and citizens, and to uphold their rights and responsibilities.

Letter to Employers from Reliable Source, Spring 2015 Edition

Letter to Employers from Reliable Source, Spring 2015 Edition

Posted: 8/13/2015 3:38 PM

Last year was a record year of change for Miles City Job Service. Our office had a record-breaking number of job openings listed with us in 2014, averaging 200 or more active listings on a monthly basis. Our employer and job-seeker matching computer system changed. Among other improvements, job-seekers can now upload a resume into our system if they choose; this may enhance your ability to match a potential candidate with your job vacancy ( Our office realized cost savings through reducing paper and copying costs. By directing job-seekers to the computers to conduct their job searches vs. printing numerous daily copies of the job list, and by adopting an email version of our quarterly newsletter, we saved hundreds of tax-payer dollars in materials and staff time.

Miles City Job Service staff also shared the frustration experienced by numerous businesses with vacant positions remaining unfilled due to skills gaps and the shallow labor pool. One response to the growing shortage of skilled workers in trade occupations was to hold the first Southeastern Montana Trades Education Fair. Ten area high schools, thirty employers, CCDHS teachers, school administrators, and a number of human service agencies coordinated efforts for approximately 600 students to learn first-hand about the merits of careers in various trades.

Finally, our office saw some laid-off workers from area oilfield service businesses at the end of 2014. While many Montanans are happy to experience cheaper prices at the gas pump, the volatility of oil prices also places some stress on the local economy in Southeastern Montana. Some media sources report that the downturn in oil prices means the sky is falling in the Bakken, while other outlets see it as a natural adjustment after what has been a prosperous period of economic growth in Eastern Montana and in North Dakota. There are still many job openings, and we are now seeing some long-vacant positions being back-filled with laid-off workers.

Miles City Job Service values you, the employer, as our primary customer. If you have questions or need information, please contact us. Cindy, Noel, Ron and I enjoyed the many opportunities we had to visit with you in 2014, and we look forward to serving you again this year!

Kim Blunt, Manager

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