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Making Montana Manufacturing and Technology Expo - Kalispell
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Blueprint for Business Success - Kalispell
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<!--http://dli.mt.gov/Portals/57/NewsAttachments/2018_RIF_STATEEMPLOYEES_NOTIFICATION.pdf--><a href="http://dli.mt.gov/Portals/57/NewsAttachments/2018_RIF_STATEEMPLOYEES_NOTIFICATION.pdf">http://dli.mt.gov/Portals/57/NewsAttachments/2018_RIF_STATEEMPLOYEES_NOTIFICATION.pdf</a>
The Montana Department of Labor & Industry (MTDLI) announced today they have secured a $210,000 National Dislocated Worker Grant through the US Department of Labor to assist employees affected by the recent state budget cuts.
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Apprenticeship program to help train workforce to meet the demands of West Paw Design’s growing business ...
<!--http://dli.mt.gov/news/88--><a href="http://dli.mt.gov/news/88">http://dli.mt.gov/news/88</a>
<!--http://dli.mt.gov/news/87--><a href="http://dli.mt.gov/news/87">http://dli.mt.gov/news/87</a>
Montana’s unemployment rate moved to 4.1% for the month of December, ticking up slightly to end 2017 despite strong payroll employment gains at the second fastest in the nation. The U.S. unemployment rate remained at 4.1%....
<!--http://dli.mt.gov/news/87--><a href="http://dli.mt.gov/news/87">http://dli.mt.gov/news/87</a>
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Montana Occupational Injuries and Illnesses 2016...
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<!--http://dli.mt.gov/news/81--><a href="http://dli.mt.gov/news/81">http://dli.mt.gov/news/81</a>
Governor Steve Bullock announced Montana’s unemployment rate remained at 3.9% for the month of October, maintaining the level it has been for most of 2017. The U.S. unemployment rate declined by 0.1 percentage points to 4.1%....
<!--http://dli.mt.gov/news/81--><a href="http://dli.mt.gov/news/81">http://dli.mt.gov/news/81</a>


Governor Bullock Announces $1.1 Million to Help Main Street Businesses Create Jobs, Train Employees and Plan for Growth

Governor Steve Bullock today announced $1,124,030 in economic development grants to assist Main Street businesses across Montana


SmartLam Expanding Headqurters, Operations to Weyerhaeuser Site

Columbia Falls company plans to quadruple production of cross-laminated timber, hire more than 75 employees

Businesses Take On Challenges Of Freight, Workforce And Paperwork

There were recurring themes during a Kalispell Chamber of Commerce panel discussion about manufacturing last week.

A City’s Path Forward

With the groundbreaking of a long-awaited rail park, Kalispell’s ambitious vision for a revitalized core area is coming into focus

Public Lands Driving Growth In Montana, Study Says

For the past two decades, Montanans have been making more money, creating more jobs and increasing investment and retirement income in the state.

Kalispell Bypass Named Finalist in National Transportation Contest

The Kalispell Bypass continues to gain national recognition but needs some local love in its pursuit of $10,000 for charity.

Outdoor Industry Emerges as Top Economic Engine in Montana

Montana’s outdoor economy has joined the ranks of the state’s top-tier moneymakers, outpacing almost every other economic sector except for real estate and government, according to a new report by the Outdoor Industry Association.

Finding Help in the Flathead

As tourists flood the valley, many local businesses find themselves understaffed, overworked and facing a dearth of seasonal workers

‘Montana’s Newest Commercial Center’ Plows Forward

The massive development is the latest example of Kalispell’s rising role as a regional trade center amid ballooning population.

LHC Awarded $11 Million Contract to Build Glacier Rail Park

Kalispell City Manager Doug Russell said the rail park could break ground as early as July

Building Buzz: Glacier Rail Park, Other Large Developments Poised to Break Ground

Construction begins on elementary school; brewery, apartment complexes in the works

Montana Worker Shortage Starts to Pinch State’s Employers

Montana is facing a workforce shortage that would put the unemployment rate below 2 percent by 2025