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<!--http://news.mt.gov/Home/ArtMID/24469/ArticleID/4804/Governor-Bullock-Presents-Labor-Day-Report--><a href="http://news.mt.gov/Home/ArtMID/24469/ArticleID/4804/Governor-Bullock-Presents-Labor-Day-Report">http://news.mt.gov/Home/ArtMID/24469/ArticleID/4804/Governor-Bullock-Presents-Labor-Day-Report</a>
Governor Steve Bullock, flanked by Montana’s Commissioner of Labor & Industry Pam Bucy and Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, presented the 2016 Labor Day Report to the people of Montana....
<!--http://news.mt.gov/Home/ArtMID/24469/ArticleID/4804/Governor-Bullock-Presents-Labor-Day-Report--><a href="http://news.mt.gov/Home/ArtMID/24469/ArticleID/4804/Governor-Bullock-Presents-Labor-Day-Report">http://news.mt.gov/Home/ArtMID/24469/ArticleID/4804/Governor-Bullock-Presents-Labor-Day-Report</a>
<!--http://lmi.mt.gov/Publications/PublicationsContainer/ArtMID/34826/ArticleID/4113/Labor-Market-Outcomes-for-Missoula-College--><a href="http://lmi.mt.gov/Publications/PublicationsContainer/ArtMID/34826/ArticleID/4113/Labor-Market-Outcomes-for-Missoula-College">http://lmi.mt.gov/Publications/PublicationsContainer/ArtMID/34826/ArticleID/4113/Labor-Market-Outcomes-for-Missoula-College</a>
The Montana Department of Labor & Industry (MTDLI) and the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) have joined forces to share data and create analytics that can be used by our state’s community colleges to ensure that our workforce training systems are aligned with our economic needs


Employers Register Now To Participate In The 2016 Fall Job Fair
Are you in the process of hiring new employees or hiring for the holiday season? Then plan to participate in the 2016 Fall Job Fair and connect with local talent and maximize business exposure.
Governor Bullock Announces $100,000 Grant
Grow Opportunities for Montanans between the ages of 16-29 in STEM Careers


Workforce Woes Vex Local Businesses
Local business owners and state representatives met with the Montana Chamber of Commerce Wednesday afternoon to discuss how to reinforce Flathead Valley businesses.
Record Number of Job Openings in Flathead
During the height of the recession, the Flathead Job Service had just a few dozen openings.
Flathead Co. Businesses Feel Effects of Worker Shortage
There are currently over 1,000 job openings in Flathead County, and that worker shortage is a shock to some in the community.
Flathead's Dynamic Job Market
Flathead County has jobs — plenty of them — but unfortunately lots of local employers are finding it hard to find workers, even though the county’s unemployment rate is hovering at 4.6 percent.
SmartLam Weighing its Future in the Flathead Valley
Columbia Falls manufacturer considering other states to build world’s largest cross-laminated timber development site
Tax Implications Surround Closure of Weyerhaeuser Mills
The closure of two mills in Columbia Falls is poised to have implications that extend beyond the immediate employees who are laid off.
Wage growth a highpoint in Flathead economy
While the local timber industry continues to struggle, Flathead County has experienced overall wage growth surpassing the state’s average
Tester joins Columbia Falls in search for solutions for Weyerhaeuser workers
Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana, met with Columbia Falls representatives Friday morning for a roundtable discussion on what local and federal efforts could do to fill in the community’s gaps.