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Montana's unemployment rate shrank to 4.0% for the month of November. ...
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For the third straight year, Montanans workplace safety has improved and injury and illness rates have declined. ...
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Montanans earning minimum wage will see the rate increase to $8.15 per hour beginning January 1, 2017. An estimated 3,323 workers, or approximately 1.2 percent of the workforce, receive minimum wage....
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Gallatin County Love Inc Free Classes on Money Management & Relationships
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Join Us For National Plan for Vacation Day - Bozeman
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2016 Montana State Employer of Choice for Small Business
Core Control is honored to receive this award. We love our team and our humbled by their recognition of us. Paul & Cindy Stordahl, Tom Milleson, and Eric Fendler, Owners
2016 Montana State Employer of Choice for a Large Business
Congratulations to Murdoch's Home & Ranch Supply in Bozeman. Read the announcement on "The dirt" a Murdoch's publication.
Do you work for an Employer of Choice? Tell us about it.
Accepting nominations for Employer of Choice for 2016-2017.
Updated All-In-One Labor Law Posters Are Available At All Job Service Offices
MT Department of Labor & Industry supplies Employment Law Posters at No Cost. Or download a copy for free.
Suicide Prevention Hotline
Important information to know that we all care!
USCIS Revises Form I-9
By Jan. 22, 2017, employers must use only the new version, dated 11/14/2016


Bozeman JSEC January 2017 Newsletter
A monthly newsletter for employers and businesses covering employment law updates, news topics important to businesses, and local area events
Montana Economy At A Glance
Montana's Monthly Newsletter on the State of the Economy
U.S. Department of Labor-It's Time to Care About Childcare
Access to quality, affordable child care can be the difference between a family that just barely gets by and a family that thrives.
Timelapse: See how Bozeman has changed over past 32 years
How has Bozeman grown and changed over the past three decades? You can see for yourself—from a bird’s eye view—with this Google Earth tool
Faced with worker shortages, Gallatin Valley manufacturers turn to schools...
A coalition of local manufacturers...hopes to address various industry issues from worker shortages to public perception